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My First

Welcome to my first blog. Writing this book, My Name is Edward, has been a challenging first for me. But nothing has been as mindboggling as navigating the world of self-publishing. I’m unapologetically impatient and not technically inclined whatsoever, so the road to publishing my first book has been more than a bit bumpy. The grueling process made me want to pick up a cigarette and puff away; I quit smoking almost two decades ago. I’m proud to say that I did not waltz off to the corner gas station to grab a pack nor did I abuse my liver with bottles of Pinot Grigio, my favorite wine. I reminded myself that writing a first book is not unlike a first kiss, the first time behind the wheel of a car, or a first plane ride. It’s scary but exciting–though I will never find flying exciting. The mere sight of a plane makes me sick to my stomach. The thing about fear is that, when we confront it head on, it becomes less scary. Eventually, anyway. My daughter, a gifted therapist, calls it exposure therapy. I call it a necessity to surviving this thing called life. If we succumb to our fears, we limit our capacity to live fully and richly.

My Name is Edward is a labor of love, inspired by a man named Edward. While it is a book of fiction, as most of the characters and storyline were cultivated in my imagination, Edward is a real person and he, without knowing it, provoked me to venture forth on this first writing endeavor.

As life attempts to sweep us away, distracting us with its demands, it’s important not to ignore the Edwards in the world. Every unique and special character we pass on the street has a story, and if we open our hearts and our eyes, we might be able to help influence future chapters in their lives.

A sequel to My Name is Edward will be coming soon. (I can’t say just when as I don’t like breaking promises and don’t know what the publishing process will do to my sanity.) But as a new friend, I will let you in on the title. The second book in this series is entitled They Call Him Skinny, a story about one of the fictional characters introduced in My Name is Edward. Skinny is another misunderstood, wonderfully flawed, unpredictably special character that will tug at your heart and make you think.

Be kind. Be giving. Be decent. And don’t be unafraid to embrace a first.


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